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Island Eco Tour  - Wild Dolphin Encounter - Snorkeling
All In One Trip

wild dolphin of key westOur most popular trip! Encounter dolphins in their natural habitat, wild and free.  This trip has everything! Visit the wild dolphins of Key West, see the wildlife and swim and snorkel amongst the treasures of Key West waters.

The Key West Island Eco Tour/Dolphin Encounter starts with an exploration of the uninhabited mangrove islands, teeming with wildlife and the natural history of the Florida Keys. The larger islands have

picturesque sandy beaches, most are an impenetrable tangle of the massive root system of the Red Mangrove.  The roots hold together muddy banks, and over time, an island is formed.  “Mangrove" is from a Native American word which means "trees that walk on water."  You will understand when you see these islands. The roots also provide a nursery for small lobster, snapper, snook and tarpon. (See our fishing page.) On the flats, the Great White Heron stalks it prey in statuesque form. Don’t forget your camera to capture the images of these wonderous moments! 

Wild Dolphin Encounter

Key West Dolphin on the ReefNext: Your encounter with wild dolphins
The dolphin create unforgettable memories. As we approach the dolphins’ playground, they may come to the boat and ride the bow waves!  It’s just their way of saying, “Hello! Let’s play!“ Watch as they leap from the water in playful wonderment. You may see mothers teaching the babies to perfect their acrobatic skills. The grace of these mammals is breathtaking, and will offer you a renewed look at the happy, playful nature that is within all of us.

Snorkeling Adventure

Explore the coral heads and other habitats of the backcountry, with it's shallow and calm waters. Snorkel amongst the tropical fish, sea turtles, spotted and southern rays. TheSnorkeling in Key West vast array of sea life is abundant before you enter the water. You'll visit some of our resident creatures, Thorny - the curious lobster, and Slimey - the shy green moray eel. As a Padi Dive Master, I will give you instruction and assistance as needed. Tropical fruit will be served as you exit the water. And, of course, all snorkel gear is provided.



Onboard for your convenience:

  • snorkeling gear
  • sodas
  • water
  • tropical fruit
  • fresh water rinse
  • dry box storage
  • sunscreen.





Rates for Island Eco Tour/Dolphin Encounter/Snorkel

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