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Favorite Dolphin Videos And Clips

A Collection of Interesting, Educational and Funny Dolphin Videos - Swimming Dolphins, Baby Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins ...

Dolphins are incredible marine mammals, perhaps the most intelligent animal next to humans - some may dispute that claim, and we tend to agree, dolphins are really smarter than people!

Video Menu:


Imagine Swimming With Dolphins

Bufeo: Pink, Freshwater Dolphins

Stampede of The Dolphin

Bubble Rings

Antics & Acrobatics

Wild Humpback Whale Blows Bubble Rings

Dolphin Meditation

Trainers Talk About Bubble Rings

In the Wake of a Boat

Dolphin Kissing Dog

Wild Dolphins of Moorea

Wild Dolphins Show for Surfers on Bondi Beach

  Imagine swimming with wild dolphins! This video will give you an idea of exactly what it's like to be in the water with these magical marine mammals. Filmed with Atlantic spotted dolphin in the Bahamas, this clip will allow you to hear their clicks and whistles, witness their majestic acrobatics and imagine yourself alongside them. Visit the creator of this clip to see research videos on dolphins and learn more about experiments with interspecies communication with dolphins.

This dolphin stampede video is a one of a kind experience. Clearly even the captain was surprised to find the boat in the midst of a huge pod of hundreds of dolphins in the Sea of Cortez between Isla la Guardia and Bajia de los Angeles.  

  This spectacular music video promo (for Adiemus by Welsh composer Karl Jenkins) features underwater clips of swimming dolphins, and out of the water acrobatics.

Meditation and dolphins, a perfect combination. This video features "Dolphin Companion" from Medwyn Goodall's album: The Way of the Ocean. The video includes clips from a variety of dolphin species.  

  Boaters in Gulf waters off Alabama filmed a pod of dolphins playing in the wake of their boat.

A clip from The Wild Dolphins of Moorea by Star Woodward.



This BBC video on the mightiest river in the world, the Amazon, features fresh water river or Boto dolphins (toward the end 2:40). Also called boutu, bufeo or pink dolphins, these marine mammals have no natural predators and don't live in pods. More information on the boto or pink dolphins.

  Bubble rings, a new behavior by captive dolphins.

Thorn, a wild humback whale, also blows bubble rings.  

More on bubble rings -- SeaWorld trainers & educators talk about this amazing new dolphin behavior.


If you watch the photos of Seaweed, the Captain's labrador, swimming with the dolphins in Key West, you'll see we already understand the love affair between man's best friend on land and man's best friend at sea. In this clip, a dolphin kisses a mangy mutt who waits eagerly in the boat for her buss.


  Surfers on Bondi Beach in Australia are treated to a wild dolphin show!

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Curious about the physics of porpoises & dolphins blowing bubble rings?

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